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What You Least Expect

My apologies for the long absence since the last post.  One of the most avid readers of this blog, and a dear friend, a woman of remarkable curiosity and emotional … Continue reading

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Air Quality Measures Explained

Since I’ve been obsessed with air quality for the past year, someone recently asked me what the difference was between the US Consulate’s AQI (air quality index) and the Shanghai … Continue reading

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Split-Pants (reprinted)

I just wrote my final column in the series, “Have You Wondered Why?” for Shanghai Family magazine.  I re-posted the first article of the series here, as it might still … Continue reading

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The Value of An Idea

I met an entrepreneur the other day, a long-time Shanghai expat, who said to me, “Ideas aren’t worth anything. It’s all about execution.” After making that declaration, he leaned his … Continue reading

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Counting by numbers

“Chinese people are great at math.”  We’ve all heard it, perhaps we’ve even said it.  Perhaps we’ve secretly hoped that by immersing ourselves in China we too could be great at … Continue reading

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New Mental Models

When we first came to China, our son was two and a half.  One day when he was almost five, he noticed his hand was in the form below.  He held … Continue reading

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